Buy A Garage And Finance It Cleverly: That’s How It Works

Most drivers want to park their cars in the garage. But that is not always available. Sometimes there is no garage or the existing one is too small to accommodate, for example, a time car. The best solution in such a situation is to build a new garage – it promises the best protection for the car.

However, a good garage has its price. If built individually in solid construction, it can cost a considerable amount. Especially since prefabricated garages are not always available for little money. For many people, this means having to finance their garage. The two most common options are presented below.


Financing via a mortgage loan

Financing via a mortgage loan

Financing through a mortgage loan attract the lowest lending rates. The question, however, is whether a loan is actually available. Depending on the bank, a mortgage-backed loan from approx. 40,000 to 50,000 euros is available. Smaller amounts are usually not possible.

If you would like to build a particularly exclusive garage or plan further measures around the property, you may qualify for the minimum loan amount. The same applies to those who, for example, buy a house and at the same time want to extend it to a garage. Further information is available from our consultants and will also be happy to determine current market conditions.

Finance a garage via a low-interest real estate loan


By installment credit to the new garage

By installment credit to the new garage

If it is not possible to take out a mortgage loan, we recommend a installment loan. A lot has happened in this credit segment recently. The selection of loan offers is large and at the same time attract very attractive conditions due to increased competition.

Although lending rates may not be as low as in the area of ​​mortgage lending, interest rates can still be seen unequivocally. In addition, comparatively short maturities are conceivable and many loans offer a pronounced flexibility. For example, there are several banks that allow early repayment for a small fee or even at no extra cost.

The appropriate installment loan is determined with our online comparison.


Neither costs nor risk: advice from the financing specialist


You want to finance a garage or a carport and are looking for a low-interest loan? Our finance specialists offer independent and free advice. We identify the financing solution that suits you best. At the same time, we compare the current conditions of numerous banks in order to give you access to the best possible conditions. Of course, you do not take any risks and decide for yourself whether and by whom you want to finance at the end.

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